Indie Game developer mkarpenko, who has made games like “Little Stars for Little Wars 2” and the free-to play “BinB”(Bowerman with Ninjas!) is about to release a new RTS game, “Mars Colonies” that allows players to colonize the Red Planet’s surface with future-tech buildings connected by irrigation pipes and little spacemen that maintain order with a rambunctious scurrying around  as they fire lasers when needed. Classic RTS resource collection and management is expected here. A few resources include: Food,Water,Metal,Minerals, Research Points,and Influence. The game also features sandstorms that fog the player’s vision and damage buildings to keep spacemen occupied. A neat transporter also dips from above the screen once in a while to drop off supplies for the colony.

Karpenko posted this video as well as more screens on TIGForums and had answered much feedback for this material last December-projecting a January release date as a standard Flash game. He has answered many questions since them but activity has been slow on the forum lately. Eager gamers would agree: Anything being added to it now can only do it good now. Here’s to you Karpenko, the game looks great.

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