Bleed from Bootdisk Revolutions is, in a word, incredible.  Every so often an indie game comes along with the perfect combination of mechanics, content, graphics, and sound—Bleed is that game.  An ultra fast-paced, side-scrolling action platformer, Bleed takes the best from previous titles, trims the fat, and serves up absolute excellence.  Thank you Bootdisk.

Bleed is a side scrolling shoot-em-up, following in the footsteps of games like Megaman and Earthworm Jim. Bleeds’ graphics and sound pay homage to the 16-bit era, and while it’s presented in a simplistic format compared to the graphical achievements of today, the sprites and old school sound track could not have been done better. Some of the tunes will for sure get stuck in your head, and although the game isn’t “beautiful,” you will fall totally in love with your purple haired protagonist as she triple jumps and slows time all the while unleashing with twin pistols and infinite ammo.  Yes, you can triple jump and use a bullet time-like effect. The amazing physics in the game also allow you to reverse directions mid-air and perform acrobatic maneuvers in slow-mo that had me literally laughing out loud.

bleedSo, the mechanics are awesome, the graphics are endearing, the music mesmerizing, and it has a totally engaging and original story. Set during 21XX the heroes of old have gone soft and it has fallen upon you to expose them for what they really are.  You blast your way through six crazy levels, battling the world’s sixth best hero first and working your way up the ladder. Each of the levels’ bosses are x-heroes that are in need of dispatching, from worms to robots, a total playthrough shouldn’t take more than a few hours—that is my only complaint—but with 4 levels of difficulty, several game modes, and unlockable characters and weapons, Bleed has got some replay value.

Did I say that this game is incredible yet? Well, it’s so good I’m going to say it again—this game is incredible.  The combination of elements is such a pleasure to play that the sole complaint I have about this game is its short length (but for 5 bucks how much more do you really want). The good news is that with tons of unlockables, Bleed will keep us coming back for more.  Truthfully though, this has become my new go-to game when I feel the urge to just blow stuff up. Sometimes a game gets an element or two right, this game gets them all right. It’s an absolute must have for anyone who likes action shooters, platformers, or side-scrollers.

Where to find it:

You can get a copy of Bleed from the developer’s website.

You can vote for Bleed on Steam Greenlight.

Also be sure to check out the free demo.

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