WordTrap dungeon is a daring new take on your typical FPS/RPG. True to the genre, WordTrap Dungeon puts you in the slippers of a magic user with a (hopefully) extensive and eloquent vocabulary, whom traverses a rather unoriginal dungeon battling unfortunately unoriginal, cartoonishly rendered enemies. Understandably this game is still in the works and while the demo that I previewed seemed very repetitious, the game does have a certain element of charm.

The childlike art of the environment and the enemies is not what I typically look for in a game, but that is a personal opinion. What this game appears to be is an excellent early learning tool, designed, I would imagine, to appeal to a younger audience. The reason being that what is original and interesting about this game is the way you battle your foes.

Combat prompts you to take out your spell book, which is filled with letters, and in true Scrabble-like fashion you must take the letters from your book and spell words to use your magic and attack enemies. Different and interesting, there was very little information on this game aside from a very basic demo, which aside from the new Scrabble mechanic, was somewhat uninspiring. But, as I said, this game is still very early in development and if geared towards the proper market could have potential.

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