It’s a small plight of our existence that there are far too many cool videos appearing on the Internet each week for us to keep up with. So we came up with an idea: take all the videos we at TechZwn didn’t have time to write stories for each week, and put them all in one huge, awesome post. Behold, the glory!

Guy Builds Massive Battle of Hoth

It takes a true fan to recreate scenes from their favorite films with miniatures and paint, but this guy takes the prize—transforming his living room into a massive scene of the Battle of Hoth.

How Portal Should Have Ended

When two silent protagonists meet, it’s love at first sight. Here’s a Valentine’s Day-themed video of how Portal should have ended.

Wasteland 2 Gameplay Video

Not only is Wasteland finally coming back, but it looks amazing. Check out this extended gameplay video, showing off what the glorious game the original post-apocalyptic RPG has mutated into.

Where Game of Throne’s Swords Come From

There may come a time in your life when your small child tugs on your shirt, looks up at you, and asks that inevitable question: “Where do swords come from?” This video is about the swords from Game of Thrones in particular, but it may help you with that talk.

Trailer for Disney’s Yoda Star Wars Film

In case you haven’t heard the news, Disney plans to make several Star Wars films that show the branching stories of various characters, and Yoda is rumored to be first on their list. Well, Conan O’ Brien says he got a hold of the first trailer. Check it out below (and hope this isn’t what Disney is really planning).

Ether One: The Restorer Trailer

We’ve been following Ether One for some time now, and while we’ve gotten some nice glimpses of its dreamlike levels and insight into its story, this is the first video that gives us a clear picture of what the gameplay will be like. It’s turning out to be one of the most innovative games we’ve seen in years.

Canadian Officials Unite Against Zombies

Well, it’s good to know politicians are starting to take the zombie threat seriously. Here’s a video of Canadian officials taking a stand to address the looming threat of a zombie apocalypse.

The Actual Video Where Abrams and Newell Announce the Half-Life and Portal Films

We’ve all heard the story about Newell and Abrams talking about teaming up on a Half-Life and Portal films, but only a few of us actually saw the announcement ourselves. So here’s the video from DICE 2013 of the segment where the announcement was made.

Watch a Nickel Roll for An Hour On a Treadmill

If you were to roll a nickel onto a treadmill, at just the right speed, it apparently just keeps going… for a very long time. And to prove this, here’s an hour-long video of a nickel rolling on a treadmill.

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