I always enjoy games that make me think—not so much in the puzzle sort of way, although those are fine too—but by “think,” I mean think about my decisions and about my values. Games often force us to abandon these things, and place us in control of a character who is either moral or immoral, and we as gamers just go along for the ride.

A new (and free) indie game by Allen, The King of the Wood, places you in the shoes of a Bladerunner sort of character (the Harrison Ford type), and sends you on a mission to a secluded mansion where you’re supposed to find and “retire” a cyborg.

It’s an interesting game, with a mansion filled with danger, a cyborg target you slowly come to understand, and the freedom to make your own choices.

You can play The King of the Wood for free, either in your browser or in a Windows download. Both are available free of charge on Allen’s website.

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