KRUNCH is a frantic 8 b-bit masterpiece that brings us back to the good old days of fast-paced, side- scrolling action. In KRUNCH you operate a floating beholder-like avatar and attempt to navigate him swiftly through over 100 levels before the traps and denizens on each board destroy you.

Its 4 Zones have you on the edge of your seat with this wonderfully fast-paced game, each zone ends in a boss fight (really a boss chase, as you have no offensive abilities) that emphasizes quick reaction time and unforgiving mechanics.


The world of Krunch is beautiful for the graphics engine it uses, as each level and zone is cunningly rendered and there was never a time that I felt the game was being repetitious (even though there were only so many types of obstacles and enemies).

Also to be noted are the names of each level, names such as “Taser Alley” or “Led Astray,” mockingly named boards that hint slightly at the escape method, I thought this was an excellent touch and illustrates the level of polish and attention to detail that this game demonstrates from beginning to end.

In addition to cleverly designed boards, the game is backed by a classic soundtrack that fits each level perfectly, switching to a more intense beat during the boss chases and inspiring a suitable amount of anxiety as the massive boss creatures smash through the level behind you.


The controls, ah the controls, I played this with my keyboard and about halfway through was ripping my closet apart looking for my gamepad. The controls are a little on the loose side and the game is ruthlessly unforgiving, at even the slightest mistake the level takes no prisoners.

The one frustrating thing regarding the controls was the apparent rubbery composition of my avatar, as even at the slightest bump he would bounce back away from the obstacle and this small snag was oftentimes more than enough to kill me. On the flip side when I was able to navigate my rubber Cyclops head perfectly through a level, the smooth pattern he weaved was beautiful and graceful and watching him execute his escape flawlessly gives you a new appreciation for this game.


KRUNCH is overall an excellent and well done game. My only small complaint is that despite the difficulty, you will beat this game in a few hours, and oftentimes in only a few playthroughs (it is that addicting), making this a rather short game with not a huge amount of replay-ability (unless you want to rank on the leader boards).

Other than that, this is a great example of a game that sticks to the basics and doesn’t try to be more than it is. KRUNCH keeps it simple and does what it does perfectly. A definite buy if you ever owned a NES or have a love for fast-paced side-scrolling madness.

You can buy KRUNCH on Desura.

Vote for them on Steam Greenlight.

And here’s the developer’s website.

KRUNCH Launch Trailer – Desura

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