If you prefer your games to come with a side of minimalism and mystery then Kiaro, an atmospheric 3D exploration and puzzle solving game by Richard Perrin could well be your thing.

Like many games that court mystery you begin the game as an unknown individual in an unknown environment for reasons that are again unknown. Playing from a first person perspective you make your way through a bizarre world of stark blocks and careful, abstract architecture, encountering and attempting to overcome numerous puzzles.

As you would think, the puzzles increase in difficulty as the game progresses and for some you’ll seriously have to use that old noggin. However the game does offer optional hints for each puzzle, so even the least able won’t be stuck for long. Each completed puzzle activates  forgotten machinery which slowly brings the deserted city back to life, and overtime the true purpose behind Kairo is revealed.

The game is very minimalistic, there’s no inventory, no dialogue, no enemies, it’s just you, a desolate, blocky kingdom, and your wits for company. It’s all very refreshing, a break from the action packed games that dominate the industry. This is just bare-bones gaming with an emphasis on exploration.

It would be difficult to compare Kairo to another game, in fact, it’s the games originality which makes this puzzle jaunt so entertaining. Firstly, the foreboding architecture and atmospheric soundtrack by Bartosz Szturgiewicz creates a world which is both intriguing and evocative. Both serve to create a sense of wonder and curiosity right at the beginning of a game which keeps the player invested. Secondly, the less-is-more gameplay, centered around puzzle-solving and exploration is great fun and unlike any other games i’ve played in recent times.

So if you enjoy puzzling that brain of yours and you’re looking for a rather original game, Kairo would be your best bet. Currently this puzzle adventure will lighten your wallet by $8, will take 2-3 hours to complete depending on your talent with puzzles, and is available on Windows, OSX, Linux, iOS and Android. There are collectibles within the world, but as i’m not the collecting type it’s not enough to warrant a second play through.

See the trailer for Kairo here:

Kairo is a nice little break from the norm, and a worthy addition to your games collection. For more information on other indie games follow us here at Techzwn.com!

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