There are certain things that video games allow you to do, that—let’s be honest—make you screw your face up in horrid expressions of childlike joy.  There you stand tongue between your teeth and hanging slightly askew, one eye squinting the other bulging madly out of a face possessed by expressions both of elation and utter concentration.  Sneaking through medieval cites, emerging unexpectedly behind your opponent, and ramming a wrist spike into their jugular,  how about pulling some poor bastard out of his sports car, hitting the gas and promptly taking it onto the side walk to mow down as many innocent bystanders as possible,  or battling to the death on some alien world amidst a hail of gunfire, circling and sparing with your opponent using high powered artillery only to finish it with a well-timed melee attack that fells your opponent with a crunch and a red splash.

I’m sure you have some of your own all-time favorite video game actions, and if Still Alive Game Studio’s Son of Nor has anything to say about it, you might have a few more.

Son of Nor is a multiplayer co-op action-adventure game set in a vast desert.  You play as a Son of Nor, a telekinetic of sorts, able to manipulate the elements and bend them to your will.  You can terraform, raise the sands to create barriers to protect you, or tear sinkholes in the earth to hinder and impede your foes.  With the power of telekinesis you can raise the rocks and boulders around you and send them crashing into your enemies.  The elements are also yours to command as you posses the ability to take the fire or air around you and attack your enemies with it directly, or combine the effects of multiple elements to launch flaming, explosive boulders at the nefarious hordes that seek to thwart you. Yes, please.

The game is still pre-alpha, but it looks sharp, with crisp graphics and a very smooth looking physics system.  The developers have set up a step-by-step creation process on YouTube that was fascinating, you can really see the progression of the game and the amount of work and polish the team has done on this one.

As an action game with some light puzzle elements (I could not help but be reminded of the games from the Prince of Persia series) you navigate the vast sand swept terrain using your telekinetic abilities to crush or incinerate your foes and disable and block traps. This game has promise.

Ultimately, only time will tell, but I have high hopes for this game. You can see the attention to detail and the love and care that is going into Son of Nor, and it is possessed of some unique and interesting mechanics that made me wish we had a copy to playtest.  My only fear (and it unfortunately seems to happen more and more these days) is that other important game elements are sacrificed for graphics.  The game is still very early in development so I’m sure my fears are unfounded—I just hope they vary the color palette a bit and are sure to add a diverse range of enemies and environments, as fighting grey lizard creatures in the brown desert can become a tad bland after a while, even if you’re throwing giant flaming chunks of rock into their ranks.

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