Online multiplayers are arguably more popular than ever and it’s no real surprise. Mainly because playing with others, particularly friends are fun and we don’t mind more of that.

Dominatron is trying to get in on that action but it doesn’t seem like it’s trying hard enough. When there are plenty of online multiplayer outlets to choose from something needs to be on offer to grab our attention.

It seems no one is intrigued just yet as there were no games available to join, although there are as yet no dedicated servers to remedy this, instead I had to put up with hosting a game full of bots which inevitably becomes boring after a short while.

Currently in its open beta the new project from AureaSection offers two modes, versus and battle. Versus is a 4 vs 4 team death-match while Battle is 5 vs 5 team-play so confusingly, pretty much the same kind of thing. If I was playing with real people the action could have gotten frantically fun but dull bots pose no real thrill in gameplay.

You take control of the most simple of video game spaceships with a circular gauge surrounding you representing your health and also peculiarly ammunition. So in a shooter if you shoot, you lose health to a degree of being destroyed in one hit. Presumably a gameplay technique to make players engage in tactics but it takes some time to figure out how to work around this which could be the ultimate decider if anyone wants to play.


To recharge your energy of health/firepower you need to capture quads which may turn the traditional red or blue (except the ‘red’ is actually orange). There are also towers to capture which will grant re-spawns which act as the main scoring mechanism. Your time is quickly moving between whichever structures your holding to increase your score and avoid losing too much health. It becomes repetitive, to venture out usually results in your destruction so you stay put, not playing because it’s too dangerous outside and you ruin the game for yourself.

It is nearly painstakingly simple, perhaps too simple to create enthusiasm. However the controls are the only aspect which really benefits from this approach. Rotate the camera using the mouse, left click shoot, move with w, s, a and d keys. It’s easy to jump straight in but there needs to be something more on arrival to make me want to stay there.

Presentation goes for nostalgia of the arcade space games of yesteryear. Basic 3D models and a voice over clearly made by slowing down a recording of someone speaking offer nothing groundbreaking.

There doesn’t seem to be any indication that any changes are on the way from Aurea once this beta stage is over and it’s even more unclear to figure out what changes are needed.Definitely the reliability to find games quickly needs to be addressed as the game is useless otherwise.

Those that simply must try every single online multiplayer will probably be tempted regardless, if you are able to organise finding your friends online and setting up your own game it could be worth it but I doubt it’ll end up dominating anyone’s playing time for too long.

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