RekcahDam’s Band Saga: Ode To A Revelation is, to me, what indie games are all about. As independent game developers you have the freedom to create and realize your vision, to truly be an artist—to build and develop something the way you want, not because this is what the market trend is or this is what’s selling well in the industry, but because this is the game you wanted to make.

RekcahDam, the self styled composer, musician, hacker, and indie game developer, has created several well received games such as rComplex and Wings of Apocalypse, and his next project, Band Saga: Ode To A Revelation, looks as good as its predecessors. From what I could gather viewing the trailer, the game has a dark, cell shaded, animie-ish style and will be backed by a classic RekcahDam soundtrack.

The music is tough to classify but it’s a combination of progressive hip hop, electronica and almost dub step-like beats, a heavy base line topped with deep muted lyrics and a fast-paced electronic sound. At one point during the demo a piano accompanies the track and really sets the tone. It sounds sick, and really complements the deep space setting that looks to be this games backdrop. There is unfortunately very little information on this game right now, but what there is was more than enough to get me excited about RecahDam’s next project.

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