Caravaneer 2 is the second installment of Dmitry Zheltobriukhov’s Caravaneer series. This ambitious browser-based RPG promises numerous improvements over its addicting predecessor, including new mechanics such as slavery, morale, and a very much needed graphics upgrade. This game is still in the development process, and updates and additional info can be found at IndieGoGo.

The Caravaneer series puts you in the shoes of the blasted world’s most prestigious profession, the Caravaneer. In a world baked to desert by advanced global warming, law is found at the end of a blade, and only those with strength and fortitude dare to brave the treacherous sands of the new world. Civilization has miraculously been reborn in the form of small secluded settlements in the desert world, and humanity manages to cling desperately to the shadows of the world it once knew. As a Caravaneer you are tasked with the great responsibility of transporting goods from town to town, battling bandits and desert robbers bent on killing you and your crew and taking your valuable cargo (whatever it might be).

Caravaneer is a hyper-realistic game emphasizing mechanics as opposed to graphics. You pick from a selection of characters, making your decision based on classic RPG stats like strength and agility. You are then placed in the starting town (which you see as a bird’s eye view map) where you play and interact by clicking on the various icons on the map depicting things such as the Sheriffs office and the market. You equip your character, maybe hire a few more, purchase food, water, and fodder for your pack animals and you set off into the harsh world. The very general gist is you buy low and sell high, using the news that can be read in each town and hints giving to you by NPCs to maximize your profit, and along the way pick up some quests and maybe do some good in the world.

The first title was a fun and addicting game that, despite pre-NES graphics, kept me entertained for hours. The graphics are this game’s weakest element and, in my opinion, is what keeps you from really becoming emerged in this otherwise very well done game. The history of the world, the story, and the very practical and real mechanics are all exceptionally well done. I am looking forward to Dmitry’s next endeavor, as I feel that with a graphical overhaul this game has some real potential.

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    Like the game 🙂 but when is it going to be playable?


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