Former Airman of the United States Air Force Michael Juliano is sculpting a new space-shooter simulation game like those we have seen in 90’s(see Wing Commander and Decent: Free Space). Mike has launched a Kickstarter project earlier this year asking $300,000 for a fundamental development team. The pledge period ends on March 21rst, and frankly I think Mike could use an extra boost of support. You can watch the full video HERE and listen to this man’s unique vision of Rogue System and the procedure up to this point on getting the game into alpha production. He founded Digits Crosses Interactive just be where he is today.

Rouge System plays like any other first person space shooter. You might expect to zap baddies ships, barrel roll through oncoming enemy fire, and lock on to mother-ship weaknesses. Specific details on the pilot inside the ship is what gives the game an edge. He can freeze to death,get scared, experience tunnel vision, and other unexpected ailments. To combat these ills player have to fiddle with the onscreen HUD of the ship’s cockpit before and during combat.


Players can expect a single player campaign with a altered ending based on the performance in missions.Other key features include a sandbox style world that allows players to leave the ship and explore the galaxies and space stations on foot. The subtlety of players landing their fighter after use is also an added feature surely the seasoned airman added to bring closure and pride after completing a mission.

Mike is a very organized and detailed person. If his video has not made this point the further documentation on the Kickstarter page would further convince you. While time is still in Micheal’s favor the goal number will not be reached without more support. And I for one would love to see this game usher a space sim revival from the ground floor.

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