Here’s a new game for you, Jeklynn Heights, an Indie, dark, fairy tale multiplayer game that combines a multitude of genres; FPS, RPG, Action, and Adventure, so everything a growing gamer needs. Jeklynn Heights is essentially a capture the flag type game, albeit a bit more complicated. There are two teams fighting over the portentous town known as Jeklynn Heights, one hailing from the destitute area known as ‘The Slums’, the other from the far more affluent area known as ‘The Square’. Each team has 3 selectable distinct characters with their own weapons and abilities.

The goal is to acquire the ‘Orb of Egression’ located at the opponents base. In-between are ‘Sanity Posts’, which upon capture provide a forward position for your team and produce ‘Sanity’, a resource used to level up a character and gain special attacks. Additionally, there are ‘Ability Orbs’ scattered around the map which make passive and active abilities available. Sanity Posts and Ability Orbs can be recaptured by the enemy team and so it is crucial that they are defended.

The backdrop to your orb-stealing endeavors is an environment reminiscent of that described in Alice in Wonderland, deranged architecture and intimidating flora dominate the landscape and serve to establish a rather creepy yet intriguing atmosphere. Additionally, all the action takes place during the night, when violence and peculiarity are at their peak. Interested? Then read on.

See the development video for Jeklynn Heights here:

The game itself is currently in development and has been since 2010, now its diligent developers at Vex Studious are calling upon you, the consumer, for aid. Now by aid i mean financial aid, having previously been self funded the developers now need extra investment to move the game into BETA testing. Currently there is an Indiegogo campaign for the game where the monetary goal stands at $5000 of which $326 has already been raised, and with the campaign staying live until friday 29th March there is still plenty of time to meet that target.

The extra cash will go towards marketing and advertising, additional developers for animation, programming and other techie things, the creation of new characters, weapons, and additional content, continued development beyond beta and release, and finally, server costs. To give prospective investors a positive nudge there are a few perks behind donation. At the lesser end donators will receive a special thank you email from the CEO/Lead Designer and at the higher end, for those willing to part with the big bucks, you can become a developer! Gain all the previous perks and also be involved in general development.

This campaign follows the trend of many independent games gaining much needed funding via online requests. Through the benevolence of the gaming community passionate, independent developers have been able to create and release highly successful games such as FTL: Faster than Light. Such a success story is an example that gamers have come to the point of both supporting the hobby they love by funding development themselves, and paying for the hobby they love by supporting the product after it releases. Could Jeklynn Heights be a similar success story? Well, that’s up to you, if you’re interested by the games intriguing art style and gameplay then follow the link below to join the Jeklynn Heights campaign! And for more information on other independent games follow!

Jeklynn Heights Indiegogo campaign:


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