It’s time for the second annual Mojam. What’s the Mojam, you might ask? It’s a 78 hour slam session where Mojang and several other developers including Oxeye, Wolfire,  Vlambeer, Ludiosity, and Grapefrukt lock themselves into a room with nothing but hot pockets and computers to crank out several games in that short time span and release them through Humble Bundle as a charity drive. Pay just one penny and you will get access to all of the games, be they finished or not, that they cranked out in those several hours. All donations will be going to your choice of two charities: EFF and Block by Block.

The actual jam and live streams are over but you can still donate to get access to their games until March 2nd, so if you want to see what the development process of some of the powerhouses of indie look like then head over to the site and get jammin.

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When not looking for a job that is impressed by a BA in English, Bane unwinds by looking up and playing indie games, or DOTA 2. Admittedly he's not very good at DOTA, but he will bet his life that he can beat you at Super Smash Bros. for the N64.

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