Global Game Jam is celebrating its most successful year to date.

Game makers all around the world took part in the marathon development session from 25th to 27th January aiming to make as many quality games in just one weekend.

Last year the jam entered the Guinness World Record books and they were determined to improve further.

Over 3,000 new projects were completed thanks to the event with close to 11 and a half thousand developers being credited to at least one finished product.

The jam took place over 319 sites in 63 different countries, including 38 US states and six Canadian Provinces.

Greece, India, Nigeria and Serbia were among several of countries to host a site for the first time.

Everyone taking part gathered on the Friday afternoon to listen to keynote speakers Erin Robinson and Brett Victor before the theme of the project was revealed which was the sound of a heartbeat.

There was a message from Civilization creator Sid Meier to inspire all the volunteers through their intense mission.

All the games are available to download and play for free from the Global Game Jam website at and are available on different formats including PC, Mac, iPhone, iPad and Android devices with a number of titles also available on consoles.

Titles available include; Memory, a point and click adventure game where the player has to find their missing wife on a camping trip, Heartless Zombie, a platformer about a zombie looking for a pure heart and Paranoia, a first-person horror game which sees your character’s heartbeat increase with each scare.

Chief Technical Officer Foaad Khosmood was notably pleased with the results of the jam posting on the site;

“We had an amazing CGJ 2013! Bigger and better than our previous jams!

“This is thanks to the hundreds of volunteers from around the world.”

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