Flowlab is a web application currently in it’s beta phase that allows you to make your own games from scratch completely in-browser. That’s right – no downloads, no install, no cost, nothing. It’s an impressive piece of work and comes with a range of features:


Flowlab has an easy-to-use visual logic editor

  • Has a visual logic editor – basically, this means that you can make your game with absolutely no programming knowledge. Instead, you  use an intuitive visual interface to create your game behaviours.
  • Zero build / deploy time, which means you can make quick changes on the fly and test them immediately.
  • Cloud-based storage means you can gather a bunch of your mates and work on a project together, remotely. You could be the next Carmack and Romero! (Note: You probably won’t be, though.)
  • It incorporates it’s own built in drawing and animations tool, allowing you to create and edit game assets right there in the editor.

On my first mess about with the editor, I managed to have a small platformer up and running in about an hour – it certainly wasn’t award-winning stuff, but it’s still quite an achievement for a browser based editor. At it’s current stage, Flowlab seems more suited to making platformer / puzzle games than anything else, but really, it’s up to the creativity of you guys out there. Also, as more features get added to it, more and more complex creations will become possible. Flowlab seems especially useful as a way for more dedicated developers to quickly prototype and test new game concepts and mechanics, and for this I would heartily recommend it. It also allows you to easily share your creations online, so you can show off your shiny new games to your friends. If you have a spare hour, head over to the site and see what you can come up with – and don’t forget to share your creations with us!

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