It’s only been 10 weeks since Ambient Studios announced their latest project and kickstarter campaign but a pre-alpha demo has been released today.

Death Inc. sees you take control of freelance reaper Grim T. Livingstone, using your horde to infect villages, defeat soldiers and the approximately 10 minute long teaser demo gives a small sample of what to expect.

At this stage, bugs are expected but there weren’t even that many; say for partially disappearing animations during my play through but nothing serious and definitely nothing too bothersome.

There is no audio in this early presentation which merely adds to the excitement as it is an area which judging by the impressive colourful graphics could really stand out with whimsical voiceovers or dark comic tunes.

When Ambient announced the project and the gameplay it certainly sounded like a great idea and it still does. Down the line of previous God like strategy games this could be a refreshing and entertaining new take.

DeathInc Demo

We were promised less confusing control methods and brushing trails with the mouse to move units is indeed simple and justifies that there is no need for it to be any more complex. It will be interesting though when we are finally introduced to the other powers that will be available to spread chaos.

A demo so soon is a rare occurrence but the development doesn’t look at all rushed with seemingly a lot of care and effort gone into the planning, look and feel of the game.

Perhaps risky as no doubt expectations will increase dramatically but also, deservedly so will the anticipation and with there still time for people to donate towards the development it also seems like a carefully planned move.

You can try out the demo here: and it is available for PC, Mac, Linux or as a Unity Web Player version and you can pledge your support here:

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