Cryamore, an action-adventure in the mould of classics such as Legend of Zelda and Megaman, is nearing the finish line of its Kickstarter bid, with the money pledged thus far almost tripling the initial target of $60,000. This means, that with 6 days still to go, the developers have their final stretch goal in sight – total console support across PS3, WiiU, and Xbox at the ‘$225,500 pledged’ mark.


Cryamore boasts gorgeous retro visuals

Cryamore aims to take the action-adventure world by storm with its Metroid-inspired gameplay. In it, you will play as the feisty bookworm Esmy who is tasked with finding an alternate source of power for the residents of Noka Island. In true JRPG style, the current power source (the eponymous Cryamore crystals), have caused wild monsters to appear and wreak havoc on the island – and it’s up to you to sort it out. Cryamore promises to deliver inventive puzzles along with exciting action, all blended together with a strong narrative and beautiful, quirky visuals.
The main thrust of Cryamore’s puzzling involves Esmy’s use of 81 different elemental abilities and summons in combination with the world around her – the game’s developers cite Link’s use of the Pegasus Boots to retrieve the Book of Mudora as an example of the sort of thing we can expect. Combat is in real-time and the player will come up against a huge variety of monsters, all recorded in an in-game bestiary. The game also plans to feature an in-game clock system similar to Brave Fencer Musashi which will influence what happens in the game world, and can be affected by the player’s use of ‘Time’ element abilities.

With just a few days left of their Kickstarter bid, only time will tell if the Cryamore dev team will get to see their baby played out across major consoles. It will, however, definitely be coming to Windows /Mac users – and if you like your action-adventures old-school, this looks like one to watch.

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