“I had so much fun building a costume on my own…I knew I had to make more”

“My first ever cosplay project involved me teaching myself to sew, sculpt, and cast latex. Nothing like starting off easy, right?” says Dolly Crux. That first cosplay was an extremely ambitious nurse from Silent Hill, but the effort was more than worth it to Crux, who found an incredibly rewarding hobby when she was just looking to make something for Halloween. “I was looking for a costume to wear and didn’t want to wear an overpriced costume from the store.”

Crux has always been a lover of things geeky, and after making her first costume, Crux was bitten by the cosplay bug. “I had so much fun building a costume on my own, despite the failures that occurred that I knew I had to make more,” she says. “That’s when I began to make two other costumes to wear to debut at NYCC.”

At New York City Comic Con 2010, Crux displayed her new costumes, cosplaying as Marill from Pokemon the first day. “Saturday, I did Alice from American McGee’s Alice and ran into some people from the Midtown Comics booth who loved my costume so much that they gave me a pass for Sunday! That right there made me want to go to another con so badly.”

Crux’s first convention continued to get even better for her when she returned Sunday wearing her Silent Hill nurse costume. “A photographer asked me and a few other cosplayers with huge props to pose in a battle scene. I think there were about five or six of us. And we had to hold that pose for almost fifteen minutes. It was amazing!” She made a few good friends during that shoot, and Crux remembers NYCC 2010 with happiness and excitement. “It was the photos, the looks of adoration people gave when you were dressed as their favorite character and the budding friendships that led me to fall in love with cosplaying and cons.”

Since that first convention, Crux has cosplayed many memorable costumes, including Faye Valentine from Cowboy Beebop and slave Princess Leia, but her favorite has been Breakfast Princess from Adventure Time. “Because bacon,” she says. “I do really love that costume. I wore it to NYCC 2012 and everyone either knew who I was, or thought I was being clever dressed as a delicious breakfast. It was really fun to make and it involved me learning a bunch of new techniques. It was the first time I had to make a hoop skirt and I essentially learned how to upholster stuff since the toast top was just that.”

“I like to experience the natural beauty of things.”

When she’s not at conventions or working on her next costume, Crux enjoys a range of hobbies, including anime, comics, manga, video games, movies, and of course cosplay, that she says qualifies her as being an all-around geek. She loves them all equally. She said, “I’m not more into comics than manga, etc. I just love everything and wish I had the time to read/watch/play it all!”

As an avid comic book reader, Crux has so many characters she loves, and she struggles when asked who her all-time favorite is. “I can’t pick one favorite comic book character,” she says. “My two favorite superheroes ever are Thor and Deadpool. Give me anything and everything with them and I’ll probably devour it. Of course my dream come true was the ‘Team-up’ comic with both of them!”

When it comes to video games, Crux’s favorite for now is Ni No Kuni. “I have always been a fan of Studio Ghibli, and to be able to play a game that looks just like the movies is amazing. Plus it has a great story,” she says.

She plays a wide range of games though, adding, “Zelda is, of course, in my favorites. God of War and anything Mario. I’m a huge nerd for Nintendo, more so than other things so Pikmin is up there too. In the MMO world, I’m (im)patiently waiting for Elder Scrolls to send me an email about the beta.”

Crux also enjoys old-fashioned gaming around a table with the people she’s close to. “I play board games with my family a lot. Cards Against Humanity, anyone?” she says.

Crux also likes to paint and sing. “Both I’m convinced I’m terrible at, but people tell me otherwise,” she says.

She also loves travelling, but doesn’t consider going to different conventions as true travelling. “National Parks are where I really love to be,” she says. “I like to experience the natural beauty of things.”

“I have the best friends and family ever”

Right now Crux works in a data entry job that she describes as “tremendously slow,” but she has bigger ambitions for the future. “I really want to be a special effects artist,” she says. “The only thing stopping me is money to pay for school. So the best I can do is teach myself, which comes with tons of failures. But if I could do that professionally, I would be an incredibly happy person.”

The immediate future for Crux holds more conventions, and, of course, new costumes. “I think my next con is Anime Boston. I have tons of things planned for 2013. My favorite project I’ll be working on though, is Elise from League of Legends. That will be debuted at AnimeNext and will be brought to Dragon*Con as well!”

Crux works hard on all of her costumes, and while there isn’t much to criticize about her cosplays, she admits she has trouble when any criticism does come her way. “I don’t really have a thick skin. And I should, considering what I do. But I am always overly sensitive, so I do get upset when I see people writing mean comments. Thankfully I have the best friends and family ever, who pick me right back up.”

Being able to find such good friends who mutually embrace their geekiness is what makes costuming and convention-going so rewarding for Dolly Crux. “Cosplay is just the fun part,” she says. “I think the important part is finding like-minded people at cons…you have an immediate connection and can talk forever about the latest chapter/episode/etc. Finding others that want to yap with you about your favorite things is really where you can share your geekiness.”

Faye Valentine photo by M.A.R.S. Photography

Red Queen photo by Elysiam Entertainment

Ice Cream Princess photo by Waffle Photography

Breakfast Princess photo by M.A.R.S. Photography

Princess Leia photo by Bentpic5

Female Brief from PFG photo by Bentpic5

Nurse Stocking photo by Bentpic5

Insane Black Rock Shooter photo by conpics.ws 

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