“My dream is to be successful off my art,” says Missyeru. “May that be my cosplay, designing, crafting etc. I just want to create things that I love and that make me happy while making money so I’m not starving!”

A few years ago Missyeru look a bold step towards realizing her dream when she moved to Los Angeles to become a costume designer in Hollywood. She now does freelance work for the film industry, and her resume includes work on movies such as The Hunger Games.

“I got my Fashion Degree so I could work in the film industry making awesome costumes”

Most days, however, Missyeru is just an artist trying to find work where she can. “I’m not sure I have too many typical days,” she says. “I make costumes for the film industry but that’s sort of freelance. On those days I wake up, work, maybe work on cosplay if it’s before a con, sleep, repeat. Currently, I’m between jobs so I just try to have fun every day. Making new things, planning how to do the next part of my current cosplay, working on future ideas I have for crafts, streaming, my etsy store, etc…”

As she has continued to move forward towards her dream, Missyeru has worked hard to improve her skillset to make herself more marketable and to enhance the level or her artistry. She has a degree in cosmetology, and she’s a graduate of The Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising. “I didn’t get those degrees for cosplay, although they gave me a lot of skills to push my cosplay to the next level,” she says. “I did Cosmetology as a back-up plan in case I couldn’t make it in Hollywood. It was a way to make money on the side cutting girls’ hair in the dorm. I got my Fashion Degree so I could work in the film industry making awesome costumes that would be forever immortalized in film. Both are a lot of fun, but cosplay is where my heart is at. I met my boyfriend through cosplay and I actually think my love for it has really changed how I look at a lot of things.”

Cosplay is something Missyeru has been falling in love with since 2004, when she was just 14 years old. “I went to Acen 2004, as Kagome, and my best friend as Inuyasha,” she says. “My friend Catie and I felt so badass, and when we got to the convention we met TONS of people just like us—huge Inuyasha fanatics and other cosplayers. It was just an amazing community.”

 “I just feel like [Annie] is my inner dark child and I love her”

That first costume was made primarily by Missyeru’s mother, and she didn’t quite share her daughter’s enthusiasm for costuming. After that first convention, “I told my mom I wanted to remake my costume with pleats and to make the shirt from scratch,” she says. “She was so annoyed and said she wasn’t going to make me anymore cosplays and that I’d have to make it myself. So I did! She of course still guided me, but I made that bad boy all myself and in my mind it was perfect! So at Acen 2005 we met Scott McNeil (the voice of Koga from Inuyasha). He LOVED our costumes, and made us feel like rockstars. Ever since then I’ve been bitten by the cosplay bug and have been trying to bring my favorite characters to life!”

Of that collection of characters, Missyeru’s true favorite is the teddie-bear-wielding Annie from League of Legends, a character she’s played in about 300 or so matches. “I just feel like she’s my inner dark child and I love her,” she says. “I’m not planning on cosplaying her because i’m 5’9” and it might look silly. Not saying that adult women shouldn’t cosplay her, I just personally would feel kind of weird.”

While Missyeru might feel awkward dressing and acting as a little girl, she has cosplayed one of the most impressive collections of League of Legends women champions ever. She has taken full advantage of the various artwork skins available for the champions to make a wide array of fan favorite costumes. However, don’t be disappointed if you don’t see Missyeru cosplay as Katarina anytime soon, as this is the one character she’d chose to ban permanently if given the choice. “I’m just so bad at playing against her, unless I’m super fed,” she says.

Missyeru’s love of cosplay and video games has recently led her to some exciting new opportunities. At IPL5 she was a special guest judge for Crunchyroll’s cosplay competition. Since then she has become a Crunchyroll Ambassador, and she’s now the official liaison between the Crunchyroll and League of Legends communities. “It’s super exciting,” she says. “Crunchyroll has some awesome people working there so it’s really cool to be working with them. I’m hoping to meet a lot of people, and spread my love for anime and video games more and more!”

Working with Crunchyroll suits Missyeru perfectly, as anime is another one of her interests. “I really like Sword Art Online,” she says. “I’ve just started watching Problem Children are Coming from Another World, aren’t they? I’m just a sucker for bunny characters and Black Bunny is too cute! I have quite a few in my queue to watch in the future!” She’s also a fan of some of Crunchyroll’s newer features. “I love how Crunchyroll lets you stream through Xbox Live now!”

“she said my ‘Japanese name’ would be Missyeru, and I loved it!”

As an ambassador between an anime streaming site and a group of League of Legends players, Missyeru does have a few recommendations for gamers unfamiliar with the anime world. “I think for someone getting into Anime for the first time, sometimes subtitles are a bit intimidating, and I would recommend what I consider ‘gateway drugs’ to Anime,” she says. “Some classics such as Cowboy Bepop or Trigun, possibly even Inuyasha. If they have no problem reading subtitles I would say Sword Art Online is a really good one! It’s an anime about a Virtual Reality MMO. I think it’s exciting and action packed!”

Anime has been a favorite hobby of Missyeru since she was a child, and she has always had a fascination with certain elements of Japanese culture. “I had a penpal in Tokyo from 6th grade to senior year of high school named Yuuyu,” she says. “When we first met she said my ‘Japanese name’ would be Missyeru, and I loved it! I had never had a nickname before, and I had always wanted one, so I started using Missyeru as my screen name for everything! It just stuck!”

That nickname is now becoming well-known throughout both the cosplay and gaming communities as Missyeru tries to share her wonderful art with as many people as possible. She’s also starting to make a name for herself in the movie industry for her costuming skills, and she has been following the advice of Coco Chanel who said, “To achieve great things, we must first dream.”  For a young woman who left her hometown in Illinois to try to make it big in Hollywood, Missyeru is on her way to making those big dreams of hers come true.

Sorceress Lux photo by Oscar Cwajbaum

Morgana photo by SNTP John Lynn

Caitlyn photo by TotallyToasty.com

Headmistress Fiora photo by JwaiDesign Photography 

Ashe photo by Shunichi Al Hayashi of Cosplay Photographers

Miss Wakka phot by Josh Romine

Arcade Sona photo by SNTP John Lynn

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