Who doesn’t like to play God? If SimCity taught us anything it’s that the answer is ‘no one.’

Fourth person gaming experiences have varied through the years, from Lemmings to RollerCoaster Tycoon, but they are significantly fewer in number than their closer-perspective brothers. So when I heard Refactored Games was trying their hand at making one I had to check it out.

Refactored Games, a two main development team, is currently working on an indie space exploration title called ‘Unclaimed World.’ The game is still in super early development so it doesn’t have any definite release date, but there is enough out there to give you a sense of what to expect.

The setting is in the not too distant future when Earth’s first off-world colonization ship reaches it’s destination after a hundred year voyage. The environment is strange and harsh and without a guiding hand these settlers would soon perish. It’s your job to keep them alive.

Now here’s the interesting part: you do not control any of the characters. You do not right-click to tell anyone where to go, you do not tell someone to build a house or fish; you are in charge of setting up a priority list of commands for the workers to execute, from building shelter to hunting. The workers will then follow the priority list at their own pace and hopefully survive because of it. To me that sounds like a ton of fun, like if the original Age of Empires was run on FFXII type gambits.

You’ll have to plan your strategy based on data gained from the surrounding area and change your orders to account for any unforeseeable circumstances (think SimCity meteor). Just seal the deal with a very attractive schema and I’ll be hunkering down for the worthwhile wait.

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