When asked what the peak of video games will be in the far future, many would say that would be pure virtual reality. The idea that you can live in a world where the laws of physics are bent in your favor to be fun is what many of us dream to see someday, and it may be possible to reach that path in the future. Well not pure virtual reality, as developers need to learn how to make an expansive world that could mirror our own in depth and complexity before making that into something we could actually live in. It seems that some developers like the idea of creating an expansive world because the Universe Project is set to recreate a game world the size of our planet and to let characters create their own experience. According to the promo video it sounds like a life simulator where one must build their own life, and become anything from a military leader to a sandwich artist at Subway.

Of course, the idea of a large expansive world where you must forge your own identity into the universe itself sounds rather familiar. The video promo on YouTube  gets the comparison to Minecraft, World of Warcraft, Second Life, and pretty much any other MMORPG on the market these days. This game however, is being built around the idea of a parallel universe simulator, and not a World of Warcraft clone that has been done a thousand times already. The world is supposedly going to be the size of our planet, have an unlimited number of options and gameplay styles, a large support of in depth multiplayer connectivity, and possibly a mechanic to choose your flavor of coffee in the morning. This game sounds like it’s spread thinner than a strawberry crepe. Not to be a pessimist (it’s my only identity), but this game may be trying to take on too many things at once.  It’s as if Sisyphus thought it would be a great idea to cover his boulder in fire and leeches before rolling it up the mountain with only one hand.

Don’t get me wrong by my despondent attitude, because if it does get released with as many features as it says it will have, than you might as well kick all of your other games to the curb. It’s just that having the ability to make weapons, fight  against other players, build armies, create entire nations, and order specialty lattes at Starbucks makes the game sound like it’s trying too much. My guess is that it will either take an immense amount of time to build, or will keep on getting delayed and delayed until it just gets thrown out the window. I will give props to the Universe Project development team for taking on such an incredible task, but I’m not expecting them to actually build it. There is an FAQ on the blog site that answers more questions, so if you’re interested, check it out.

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Joel Draggoo is a game critic set out on an adventure to pick apart games to find the hidden gems of our medium. He tends to feel that developers need to know that we as consumers won't accept every generic piece of vile that they throw to us from their golden throne. Also he thinks that people who refer to themselves from the third person are incredibly uncreative.

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  1. SpectrumHalo

    I was really excited for this game to come out, then i saw the way it was formatted (from the picture) if that is the way it is formatted, im not as excited but i will still get it. is there anything that anyone can tell me to further my understandance of the game would be highly appreciated 🙂


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