With the release of Half Life 3 forever lost in an abyss of rumors and conspiracies, the community has held off their temptations with the creation of various mods for Half Life 2. Of all these user-created modifications, each unique and creative in their own rights, one of the most impressive I have come across is the Jurassic Park mod.

Spawning from the source engine, the game features a lush environment that overflows with detailed foliage and wildlife. In the mod, players will encounter a multitude of prehistoric creatures that include (but not limited to) Vélociraptors, Dilophosaurus, and the mighty Tyrannosaurus Rex. On the official website, the developers mention a strong AI for the dinosaurs so that “the most clever of them will patiently hide so he can ambush you when you feel safe.” To combat these beasts, players are given an arsenal that includes a machete and spas-12 shotgun. Even more exciting is the ability to roam around in those awesome jeeps with the sunroof big enough to fit a T-rex’s massive head through it.

The game’s timeline will take place concurrent to the events that took place in the first featured film and will bring Jurassic Park fans to areas and events that may seem familiar to them. The story will take a sort of side trail off of the film’s plot. Players will experience the park through the eyes of Robert Muldoon, who was sent to the park with a few other professionals to investigate certain incidents that raised a red flag on the park’s official opening to the public. After an unfortunate string of events (and particularly bad weather), the dinosaurs find a way to break free of their enclosures and begin a life of mayhem in the outside world.

After many failed attempts to make a decent Jurassic Park game, could this be the experience that will finally fill the void? Although the mod has yet to receive an official release date, but my guess is sometime between right this second and May of 2024.

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