Every now and then an indie game comes along that reminds us what indie games are about. It brings us on some magical departure from everything we’ve come to see games as, takes us to a nice, still pond, and asks us to just toss some stones in it… because, why not?

Thus, KO-OP Mode brings us “Skipping Stones,” a game that is half poetry, half music, and all indie.

According to the developers, “Skipping Stones stands as an experiment in interactive form and function, combining text, visual arts (low poly 3D inspired by Lawren Harris and other Group of Seven artists) and generative sound – all based around the thematics of loss. It asks whether or not disparate modes of interaction can combine to create a unified work. The piece was inspired by the emotional trauma incurred by an unexpected loss, and the ensuing desire to escape, to be alone, and reflect.”

As the name suggests, Skipping Stones has you skipping stones across a lake. But these aren’t just any stones. They’re musical stones. And every time you skip a stone across this lake, it will play a musical note. The notes will then begin changing with the time of day, which, according to the developers is meant to be a form of poetry that “reveals itself laying out a non-linear narrative about loss and struggle in the face of tragedy.”

Skipping Stones is the first of four games. This one is autumn, and the other three will represent the other seasons. The first part releases this February.

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