I like mystery games. Anything that gives me little clues to follow or riddles to solve, I am in. Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detective: The Case of the Mummy’s Curse from Zojoi was an instant draw. The game starts you in the legendary study at 221B Baker street with Holmes and his constant companion, Dr. Watson discussing a string of murders being blamed on an ancient mummy.

sherlock iosGameplay
The game gives you very little by way of instruction so after the intro video it is time to dive in to the game menu. You are given resources in the form of several editions of the London Times that contain information that may or may not be relevant. It is up to the gamer to figure out what is important and what is not, take notes. You also have access to Holmes’ files on a number of people, organizations and places. You can send the detectives to people or locations to investigate or send the “irregulars” who seem to be a group of London street urchins.
Your notebook will keep track of whom you have spoken with and any information they have that might lead you to the next clue. The goal of the game is to solve the mystery using the fewest number of  “clue points.” Various numbers of clue points are added for each action that you take. Wrong conclusions or falling for the games “red herrings” will cost you on your final point tally.
Once you think that you have the mystery solved, report to the judge’s chambers to accuse your suspect. Be careful on this… it is not enough to know whodunit, you must also provide the judge with the correct motive.

All in all the game was enjoyable, but lacked clear instruction which could prove frustrating at times. The cut scenes were certainly not Oscar worthy but added to the game and were entertaining. I wish that the game menu was a little easier to navigate from one area to the next and more interactivity would be nice. Have a paper and pencil ready to take notes on some of the details to minimize having to move constantly back and forth and go for it… The game is afoot!

Zojoi offers additional episodes at $3.99 a piece. Available on PC, Mac and iPad.


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