Air Buccaneers is a game made the company Ludocraft who have made the game using the increasingly popular Unity engine. This game takes a look at air combat from a different perspective more or less trying to make a game where teamwork is crucial rather than optional. I’m pretty sure that there is part that everyone can play, from the cannoneer to the support specialist there’s everything for everyones taste.

I have been waiting for a game like this for too long, a game where teamwork, good communication and skill all have to be combined to lead your team to victory in the cloudy skies.

Any chance for lonewolf?

Now i’m sure that most of you are saying to yourself “but I like playing by myself and going lonewolf” sadly there are only a couple limited options to going lonewolf. The first and most short lived way of lonewolfing is to take the “kamikaze” ship which as you may have guessed explodes on impact with another ship and takes it down with you back down to earth. The other very non-practical option is using one of the smaller and more agile ships which has one cannon, this way you can attempt to steer and fire at anything that comes your way…but you’ll probably end up crashing into every object while you’re trying to fire that cannon and get blown out of the air by a better manned and better armed air ship.

What are these ships like?

The ships are like the one shown above. The ships are simply vessels like longboats which run on a steam engine and are attached to a large and rather obvious balloon. The ships can vary in size from the small forementioned “Kamikaze” ship to the full blown battle galleys/longboats. Each of these boats has a number of cannons which can be manned by any player even the enemy, each boats have a different amount of cannons depending on which ship it is e.g. a battle galley has 4 cannons (2 a side) whereas the smaller and faster ship (I call it a sloop I can’t quite remember what the boat is called) has only 1 cannon but is almost fully rotational.

The Weapons

There are a small variety of weapons that the player can use to his advantage. There are a few weapons that the player can use besides the ship cannons. There are the gunpowder pouches which can be used to give the enemy an unwanted present on their deck before you scurry away to safety. The sword/cutlass is obviously for melee combat and is often used when boarding a ship. The air-mine launcher is used to….well launch air mines but can also be used to try and direct hit an enemy ship. The support stick isn’t really a weapon but is purely support (obviously) this can be used to shorten the fuses of cannons and repair the ship if it’s damaged. The Flare gun is a defensive weapon, you shoot this in the air and any enemy projectile (not flamethrower) will be destroyed. The cannons in this game also have different ammo types. The rocket ammo type allows you to fire a volley of rockets at an enemy. The flamethrower ammo is good for taking out ships at close quarters. then of course there is the classsic solid shot ammo type.

The Teamwork

I must say the best part of this game by far is it’s good use of teamwork mechanics. To win a match you must fill all of the roles on a ship e.g. the cannoneer, support and captain (Driver). The most effective way to win a match is to have every cannon manned if possible and then all of them supported by the support class so that they can shorten the cannon fuses so they can fire faster and having 1-2 people help repair the ship if it gets damaged. One of the most important people on the ship is the driver, without him you’ll never be able to get in or out of a fight and can use engine boosts to make quick moves if the situation needs it.

The Skill Tree

Here is what the perks look like in the perks and flaws menu…. yes there are also flaws. The flaws can vary from longer cannon fuse time to slower turning while driving. you get perks and flaws depending on what you do in the game e.g. if you play alot as the cannoneer then you will end up getting more cannoneer perks.

The Game Modes

This game has a few basic game modes to offer. The first being the king of the hill mode where there is one huge balloon in the center of the map that each team has to capture and hold. There is also a golden galleon mode where one team has to defend the golden galleon until the time runs out and the other team has to destroy it. and then ofcourse there are the basic game modes such as deatmatch.


The items in this game are purely cosmetic as they don’t actually give you any bonuses. To get items you have to reach a certain level and when you reach that level you unlock them, simple as that.

That about wraps up everything about Air Buccaneers if you want more information then just hop on to their website

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