Game the News aka , a site dedicated to promoting games based upon current affairs has released their newest free-to-play news game, “Endgame: Syria.” A game played in two unique phases, that allows players to get a glimpse of the decisions the Syrian opposition make to gain influence across the globe.

While this game is not very informative about who specifically is involved, or why, the game has an emphasis on the how. What types of options do the rebels have, and how do they affect the big picture? Is the games strong selling points. The “so what?” question is also answered as the game has multiple outcomes. Variables such as support, casualties, and random events can change the ending fate of the country and its neighbors.

The political phase allows players to rack up influence points and detour violence by choosing two actions each phase. The military phase plays a lot like a game of Magic the Gathering. Power, and toughness are considered as you decide which units to send to battle. Each unit has its own determined amount of civilian casualties that provides a counter-balance to using overwhelming force. The game was chosen to be played only as the Rebel side for emphasis of a desperate struggle.

The game can be played here for free, as well as downloaded for Android phones, and Google Play. Apple has already rejected it for the iPhone App Store for, “solely targeting a specific race, culture, a real government or corporation”.Chiefly because you can only play as the rebels. If there were two sides to play as, Apple would probably picked it up too.

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