Pavilion Brings a Dreamlike Journey to Another World

Sometimes a trailer leaves more questions than it answers, as is the case with Pavilion. The game’s website doesn’t say much more. It includes two sentences about the game:

“Pavilion is a fourth person exploratory experience about guidance, influence, and subliminal control. Manipulate the surrounding environment, influence his sense and guide the main character on the path towards truth.”

Luckily, there’s quite a bit of information tucked between the lines.

The game being played from the fourth person should be interesting. Fourth person is one of those somewhat intangible perspectives without a clear definition. Think of it as an omnipresence, or vague reference.

So, we can assume that you won’t directly control the character. This likely fits into the elements of “guidance, influence, and subliminal control” the developers are talking about, and we’ll have to mess with the character’s surroundings to try to make him do our bidding.

Pavilion is scheduled for a vague 2013 release, on a vague list of platforms including “desktops” and “mobile devices.”

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  1. Bane Srdjevic

    This artwork is really incredible. The whole concept reminds me a lot of Lode Runner 2 from way back when.


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