Every now and then, while browsing around the netosphere for interesting games, a great looking indie game seems to just pop up out of nowhere. Today was one of those days.

Have you ever heard of Shu? Me neither. But doesn’t it look cool? The gameplay resembles Canabalt, where you’re running from some towering wall of doom. But this one has a colorful world, with colorful characters that each have unique abilities. Check out the trailer, and we’ll continue afterwards:

Rather than just run and jump, you can dive off cliffs, slide on slopes, float on the wind, and do all sorts of other cool stuff. Shu is a 2.5D platformer. The characters are 2D and the world around you is 3D.

According to the developer’s website, it also sounds like this game will have a story to it, which is a nice change from the “constantly run and avoid obstacles” genre. They state, “On your journey to the peak you will encounter a unique cast of villagers who, in their flight from the storm, have become stuck, trapped or separated from one another. Will you leave them to their fate? Or will you stop to save them, making the journey more challenging, and giving the ever moving maelstrom a chance to close the gap? Run or rescue; it’s up to you.”

There’s no release date yet, but we’ll definitely keep you posted on this one.

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