We had to pleasure of interviewing the creators of C 299792km/s back when they were still just a Kickstarter project with a very cool concept. Well, the film is now finished, and is set for release on January 28.

The filmmakers wanted to create a science fiction movie that brought the genre back to its roots, with miniatures, lights, and no CGI to be found.

“The film is an homage to classic sci-fi of the 1980s. We did this movie the old-fashioned way, with miniatures, split-screen, stop-animation and trick photography. We avoided CGI and greenscreen as a creative challenge, combining new digital tools with oldschool special effects techniques,” states the synopsis.

With a title that Notch would be proud of, the developers were kind enough to tell us how to pronounce it. You can just call it “C” for short.

It follows the story of Lieutenant Commander Malleck in the middle of a massive Cold War in space. She and her crew aboard the KESTROS IV stage a mutiny against the mission, and attempt to use the weapon of mass destruction their ship carries for a higher purpose. “But when a contingent of ground crew led by Second Lieutenant Kai threatens her master plan, Malleck must use the ship against them in order to succeed,” according to the synopsis.

We’re looking forward to this one, and we’ll keep you updated once C is released.

C 299,792 km/s (preview) from Seaquark Films on Vimeo.

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