The Evolution Championship Series just announced the games to be played for EVO 2013. EVO is the largest and longest running fighting video game tournament, and July 12th-14th will be one of the biggest gaming weekends of the year.

Joey, Cuellar, aka Mr. Wizard, announced the lineup on Wakeup SRK Live Tuesday night. The big news of the night is that there will be EIGHT games at EVO 2013, and the Player’s Choice option has been brought back, with a twist. Here are the games:

1) Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3

2) Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition (2012 edition)

*If the 2013 version is released in time and is balanced, it might replace the current Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition

3) Tekken Tag Tournament 2

4) Mortal Kombat 9

5) Street Fighter X Tekken (2013 edition)

This will be singles this year.

6) King of Fighters XIII

7) Persona 4 Arena


8) Player’s Choice

The community will be offered a game that might have been missed in the 2013 lineup. People can vote for their game, but do so via donation, with the proceeds helping breast cancer awareness and prevention. Any game that received over 500 votes in the poll held earlier this year will be allowed into the voting process, and the game that raises the most amount of money for charity will be allowed into EVO 2013. Voting links will appear on the Evo Championship website soon.


The EVO 2013 Main Event will run from July 12th-14th at the Paris Hotel in Las Vegas. More information can be found at the Evo Championship Series website .

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