Disney Infinity is set to join Activison’s Skylanders in the toys-into-games platform early this summer.

Infinity will be showcasing our most beloved characters from Disney’s Pixar. Jack Skellington, Mater and Wreck-it-Ralph are just a few among the 20 characters soon to be available. The adventure will be released on PC, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Wii, Wii U with hopes of launch on tablets and mobile devices to follow.

This Infinity endeavor is set up similarly to the popular Skylander series but gives familiar worlds to immerse yourself.  Each character has an associated “Play Set” that is purchased separately. The Play Set includes a world and story-line specifically attached to its movie characters. Unfortunately you won’t be able to mix characters in others universes. So Buzz Lightyear won’t be joining Lightening McQueen in story mode. You can however mix things up in the “Toy Box.” There, characters can pretty much do anything they want like race, fly and even trade items you earned in the Play Set mode. The Toy Box is literally just that, your own totally interactive and custom created play place. Toy Box can be experienced individually, via two-player co-op split screen or with up to four players online.

Disney Infinity will be available this summer. The starter pack, including game, base and characters, will retail for $74.99. The pack will include figurines of Pirates of the Caribbean’s Jack Sparrow, The Incredibles’ Mr Incredible, and Sully from Monsters Inc. Play Sets of other beloved characters and their individual game world will be available in a pack for $34.99. In addition, Disney is also offering “Power Discs” at $4.99 a pack. Those small discs will sit beneath your character and endow them with special powers. So in other words parents, this is going to be expensive… but fun!

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