Ludum Dare winners Hungry Planet Games have released a playable demo of their Space Quest inspired point n’ click, Astroloco: Worst Contact, in their Greenlight bid to make it onto the Steam store.


Having created the well-received Subatomic and Plan M (which both won awards in the ‘humour’ category), Hungry Planet are hoping to further their achievements with their new IP. It’s a self-admittedly retro offering from the team, promising “Classic 1990s adventure gameplay!”. The Space Quest influence is readily apparent, with you taking on the role of the hapless mechanic in a Futurama-esque sci-fi setting. The graphics are a mix of pixel art and cartoonish landscapes, and the game will rely on the traditional point n’ click mixture of puzzling and dialogue to keep the player entertained. The games main selling point will be it’s humourous dialogue, and the team certainly have a proven track record in delivering funny and engaging  writing. The creators come from that uniquely British school of the at-once absurd and mundane, characterised by authors such as Terry Pratchett and Douglas Adams. An example of the tone we players can expect is revealed in their Greenlight ‘Features’ pitch:

  • Classic 1990s adventure gameplay! Inspired by genre classics such as Space Quest, Monkey Island and Day of the Tentacle.
  • Trains. In space. That’s worth the entry price, right there.
  • The funniest writing in an adventure game this side of the millenium. That might be a positive or a negative, depending on how much you enjoy laughing until you dribble.
  • Two playable characters for the price of one.
  • Fully voiced! You’ll also be able to turn the voice-over off, since we know some of you like to do that. Just know that every time someone ticks that particular box in the game settings, we’ll kill one of our voice actors.
  • Fully soundtracked! You won’t be able to turn the music off. In fact, the volume slider starts at 100% and it only goes up from there.
  • The ‘unique’ graphical style of subAtomic and Plan M!
  • Interesting puzzles and minigames! We know a lot of you adventure gamers out there like to actually have some challenge in your games. For everyone else, just curl up tight, hold down your Escape key, and hope it ends soon.Shady
  • 20 in-game achievements to be unlocked, if you have nothing better to do.
  • An entirely reasonable retail price of £3.99/$5.99!


Assuming Hungry Planets Greenlight bid is successful, we can expect to see Astroloco: Worst Contact early this year. Head over to their Greenlight page here or alternatively the developers website here for more info…and don’t forget to vote!

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