Yesterday, Flying M Games’ flagship title, Surreal Systems, jumped to the #1 spot on’s most popular list after they released a new trailer video and half a dozen screenshots. The trailer is top-notch, highlighting Surreal Systems graphics and audio that seems to be a cut above most indie games. Flying M has used the Unreal Development Kit engine to its fullest potential, and this first-person shooter, set in a post-apocalyptic setting, shows enough promise to warrant its ascent to the #1 spot on for a day.

Beyond some good-looking graphics and quality sound, Surreal Systems offers gamers a twist on the post-apocalyptic storyline. In the near future, as the world is facing disaster, a group of Swedish scientists seek to create saviors with special powers granted by enhanced brain functionality. The trade-off for these enhancements comes at a price, as these modified humans, or Surreals, lose all physical emotions and feelings in order to free up extra brain power. One of these Surreals has woken up from stasis to find the world all but destroyed. Flying M hasn’t given too many details on the rest of the story, but rumor has it the original concept came from a dream the lead designer once had.

Surreal Systems is scheduled for a Q3, 2013 release for Windows, and this is one indie game that is worth keeping an eye on. For more information go to, or just head over to and look for Surreal Systems near the top of the most popular games list.

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    Great article, my name is Ethan Podczerwinski you did sn article on my game nightmare! I am working as a programmer for this game too.

    Be sure to stay tuned for more.


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