It is an important factor for RPGs to have something specific in their arsenal to really reel in an audience in order to justify a sequel. Unfortunately, by ESP Games throws out a generic net without catching anything.

Initially the graphical presentation seems impressive for an indie game available for very few Microsoft points on Xbox LIVE. Although it becomes apparent there is no real detail in the environment to really create a believable sci-fi world and character models, while trying hard don’t convey any real, well, character. It’s not long before you don’t care when they drop to the floor “unconscious.”

There is a basic tutorial level with very little tutorial. It’s simple enough to figure out that it is a turn-based strategy with each “unit” able to move a certain number of spaces using up action points each time. However, there is not much instruction given beyond this. Statistics of attack, defense and skills are very difficult to work out, and turns for both player and enemy happen simultaneously. This causes a player to have to try their luck if both sets have low health and it also makes sneaking up on enemies nearly impossible.

This incomprehensible gameplay is the real downfall of the RPG that prevents the player from having any real fun at all. I tried really hard in trying to figure out what kind of strategy the game wanted me to take in missions but there didn’t seem to be any beyond “just kill them before they kill you.”


Miasma 2 claims to offer brand new units, but this is hard to see. It’s another guessing game as to figuring out which character has the most usefulness. There is no difference with stats, and upgrading doesn’t do anything spectacularly beneficial.

The storyline is unimaginative to say the least. Typical plot of some kind of rebel forces fighting against some kind of oppressive authority which doesn’t seem to attempt much conviction. There is a poor effort of adding a few dialogue options but they have no meaning leading me to wonder if the protagonists Paul and Lina should actually be stopped as they don’t seem to be doing anything good at all.

It almost seems as this was made to appease true turn-based strategy and RPG fans but I can’t see it being embraced by anyone who enjoys the genre by any fraction, and it certainly won’t be able to convince any newcomers to stay for long.

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