The classic  game, The Lords of Midnight, is now available for iOS devices and BlackBerry Playbook. Mike Singleton’s 1984 adventure war-game, originally release for the ZX Spectrum, Amstrad CPC, and Commodore 64, will soon be available for most modern platforms.

Chilli Hugger Software released the iOS version on December 19th. The company is working hard to get the Android version available as soon as possible, but it might not be able to meet the original intended release for the winter solstice. Releases for Windows Mobile, Mac OSX, and Windows should follow in 2013.

The Lords of Midnight won several awards when it was initially released in 1984, and it has retained a loyal following of devoted fans to this day. Find out more information about the game at . You can also go to the App Store or BlackBerry App World to get your own copy of the game and start your journey to defeat the evil Doomdark.



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