At last, the highly anticipated heist game, Monaco, has reached the point where you can start throwing your money at it. Although the game isn’t due for release until March, Pocketwatch Games is now taking preorders that offer some extra incentives.

Available at a mildly discounted price before release, the preorder package also comes with a Steam key, A DRM-free copy of the 2010 prototype, which has been renamed Monte Carlo, two tracks from the final game that were composed by renowned artist, Austin Wintory, and also sheet music that allows those talented enough to remix the tracks and be featured on a special Monaco remix album.

Monaco is a top-down heist game that allows players to assemble a crew of skilled thieves to pull of the perfect score. The game sets players in a blueprint-styled map that is only fully revealed to them as they move throughout the corridors. It is up to them how they go about overcoming the various guards and obstacles that stand between them and their loot. Players can team up with friends or go in solo to find out whether or not they have what it takes to match up to the Ocean’s Eleven guys.

The game is targeted to be released in March 2013 on the PC and XBLA. The developer also comments at a Mac version to be released soon after. To preorder the game for yourself, or for more information on Monaco, check out the official website here.

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