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Having seen the fact that Pokémon 3D was indeed a recreation of the classic Pokémon Gold and Silver games, I became more excited than a starving wolf in a butcher shop. After downloading the game, with my mouth practically foaming, I was almost perplexed to see that you couldn’t actually go past Violet City which houses the first gym. It turns out that that this is only a work in progress, so I was never able to fulfill my dream of having Joey tell me about his rattata from the first person.

That’s right, brace yourself for the impact of your jaw slamming onto your foot because Pokémon 3D gives you the ability to play Pokémon from the first person. It’s rather impressive for the developer, Nils Drescher, to have built the 1999 top down classic with 3D buildings and environments. The character and Pokémon models appear to have been taken from the 2010 remakes Heart Gold and Soul Silver, which is a good thing since the sprites for those have much better animations and designs; making the game a lot more enjoyable to look at. The battle system also has a fantastic upgrade by placing the two opponents in the 3D environments, rather than magically swooshing the Pokémon away to an unseen dimension where the partaking members must stand perfectly still until it’s their turn claw the other’s eyes out. With all of the 2D sprites in the 3D world, the game started looking like the Fisher Price version of Doom, but all of the violence more subtle and masked by the façade of cute creatures and cheerful characters.


Although the game’s many strengths there’s still not that much to do except train your little tikes, but that doesn’t hold much water with me since there’s only a handful of Pokémon to catch and many of them don’t evolve. Alongside the fact that there are no trainers to fight, and your Pokémon don’t learn any new moves, it wasn’t that great of an experience by the way of gameplay. Of course the mere spectacle of walking around the first few towns in the Johto region from a trainer’s perspective gave me a great sense of nostalgia. I forgot to mention that you can also play the game online with some friends, but mine were too lazy, or too busy for me to try that out.

What Pokémon 3D becomes in the end result is nothing more than some potential. It’s some great potential that I hope to see go a long way, but potential nonetheless. Luckily, Nils updates a lot so it probably won’t be long before us Pokémon trainers will be able to take the Johto region by storm. With that in mind I suggest checking out the Pokémon 3D page on IndieDB.com

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Joel Draggoo is a game critic set out on an adventure to pick apart games to find the hidden gems of our medium. He tends to feel that developers need to know that we as consumers won't accept every generic piece of vile that they throw to us from their golden throne. Also he thinks that people who refer to themselves from the third person are incredibly uncreative.

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