Closure is out and the people are loving it, but not everyone. A lot of eager gamers are shaking their heads because the game seems fatally bugged. I was downcast too when I loaded up the first level of the ‘first’ world and found myself in an unending loop of falling and dying over and over no matter what I did, but instead of crying about it I went to figure out what was wrong. I present to you my findings.

This is not a bug in the game but rather a temporary incompatibility between the game and integrated graphics. Some technical mumbo jumbo keeps the lights (which are what makes solving the puzzles of the game possible) from being as bright as the programmers intended, which causes what is supposed to be stable ground to become deadly nothingness.

I have read in comments on various sites that the programmers are working on this, so while I hope they are don’t take my word for it. But in these same comments I have found how to fix it (thank you heretic.templar). Below  are step-by-step instructions for fixing this problem and getting this wonderful game’s reputation back on track.



The problem is that the lights are set to be too dim when run with integrated graphics so you have to go and make them brighter. I didn’t know this until I went to fix it myself but some games you install let you change  them be tinkering around with the code. That’s what you have to do and here’s how to find the file that needs changing (I use Windows so I’m not sure if this will work for Macs, or if Macs even have this problem):

1. Find your Steam folder (chances are the location is C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam)

2. Open the folder labeled ‘steamapps’

3. Open the folder labeled ‘common’

4. Open the folder labeled ‘Closure’

5. Open the folder labeled ‘Resources’

6. Open the folder labeled ‘Shaders’

7. Open the file using a text editor

-I have also read some may need to make the following change to also but changing just worked for me

8. Locate “sum *= 1.0/46.0;” in the file. It should be at the very end of the code.

-This controls the strength of the lights, which we need to increase

9. Change the code to “sum *= 1.5/46.0;”

10. Save and quit, start up Closure, proceed with your life


That will fix the problem, but I’m not sure how it will affect the puzzles of other levels. I suggest changing the code back once you are past the problem part of the game so you don’t run into problems you made yourself. If it happens again simply rinse and repeat. As far as I’ve played I’ve only seen it make problems on level 1-1 and level 3-13, but I’ll post others in the comments as I come by them. I’m just hoping the programmers fix the problem permanently before I get a chance to.

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When not looking for a job that is impressed by a BA in English, Bane unwinds by looking up and playing indie games, or DOTA 2. Admittedly he's not very good at DOTA, but he will bet his life that he can beat you at Super Smash Bros. for the N64.

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  1. UbuntuAddicted

    i installed closure thru ubuntu software center and when I start the game, it’s just a black screen, no audio or nothing. since closure wasn’t installed thru steam, I don’t have those folders you listed for a fix. can you help?

    • Bane Srdjevic

      I’ve never used Ubuntu myself, but I did some digging around and found one person who fixed the problem for themselves. Here’s what they said:

      “when I tried to run Closure I got a black screen. Then I tried opening it by making a script in /usr/bin called “closurelauncher”, with the same trick I got Waking Mars to work. That is: “SDL_VIDEO_FULLSCREEN_DISPLAY=0 /opt/closure/Closure” Strange. After I did that I didn’t have to use that launcher again.”

      Let me know if this works out for you.

  2. Bane Srdjevic

    Here’s the list of levels that need hblur tweaked to sum *=1.5/46.0:
    1-7 (edit vblur to 1.5 also)
    (I forgot to change hblur and vblur back to 1.0 between levels 12 and 19)
    1-19 (edit vblur to 1.5 also)

    I’ll extend the list as I play through the game.


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