EFF-logo-transThe vigilant watchdogs of the Electronic Frontier Foundation asks us again to unite as able, educated citizens to tell Congress that it is time to fix the rules of copyrights. Parker Higgins of EFF has reported that they will work in tandem with Fight for the Future in an effort convince Congress that it is time for, “ a reality-based debate about our copyright policy.” Fight for the Future awaits for your petition signatures and/or donations.

After Derek Khanna’s report about the myths of copyright laws, that cost him his job at the Republican Study Committee was retracted, an effort to gain Congress’ attention about the copyright laws in place, and how they are doing more harm than good, has become the undying wish of Fight for the Future’s homepage.

While Khanna’s documents are still available on The Washington Examiner‘s website, but the EFF blogs can fill in anyone interested in knowing what Khanna advised to mend these continuing issues. One suggestion was to cut the amount of time copyrights are held. Another was to lessen the punitive action taken on the people infringing these laws, saying that as much as $150,000 per infraction was too severe.
EFF is however more driven on Congress’ future plans than the fate of Khanna. Higgins and his crew are very boiled up about the misinformation and one-sidedness presented by Congress and the Hollywood lobbyists that seems to make a public discussion about the issue a treasure beyond bramble walls.

Just as it is important for us to understand the dangers of spyware, hackers, key loggers, viruses, and other online threats. Our Government’s uncertainty about the truth of copyrights can be an all-or-nothing obstacle . Possibly hindering what we can see; how we use; and what is communicated over the digital frontier. Urgency is the striking force behind this movement. And I urge anyone cautious about the future of copyrights to sign the digital petition today and defend the right to free expression, and the urge the people in power to recognize the unnecessary copyright laws won’t go unabated.


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