Entheogen Studios recently released its first major title, Zigfrak, a genre-bending game that is part action RPG, part shooter, and part space explorer. The game is set in the future where humanity is engaged in a galactic civil war. A technologically superior alien race enters the fray, making matters complicated and grim for the humans.

Much of the gameplay takes place in the form of a third-person spaceship shooter where the players blow-up their enemies and accumulate a ridiculous amount of loot. Some of the loot can be used for crafting, but some takes the form of clues that might lead the player to discover the ancient secrets of humanity. The game promises thousands of items, a crafting system, and an expansive area for exploration.

Zigfrak is available for PC or Mac, with a Linux version in development. Entheogen Studios has entered the game at Steam’s Greenlight, but Zigfrak is also available for purchase at Zigfrak.com. A free demo of the game can also be downloaded from the Zigfrak website.

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