Last week, German indie developer Coreplay released a long anticipated trailer for their upcoming RPG, Chaos Chronicles. The game is a throwback to the old classic RPGs of the 1980s: Phantasie, Pool of Radiance, Ultima, Wizardry, and Bard’s Tale. Chaos Chronicles is a roleplaying game that uses the classic turn-based tactical fighting system, and it stays true to many of the classic elements of the original titles in this genre. One such element is the group combat dynamic, complete with a fully customizable hero. The game also features an expansive world map filled with gorgeous dungeons to crawl through.

The Chaos Chronicles website has been quiet for a couple of weeks prior to the release of this new trailer, an atypical pause for developers that have constantly kept their fans posted on their thoughts and progress. The website warns viewers that everything in the trailer is still a work in progress, leading to somewhat low expectations. Regardless of what one does expect, this trailer is impressive. Chaos Chronicles might be a throwback to the style of the 1980s RPG, but, as the trailer shows, this game has some amazingly contemporary graphics. Exploding fireballs, waterfalls, flickering torches casting shadows, and smoldering lava are just a few of the visual teases we get to see from this 53 second video. Make sure your sound is on when you watch this, as the music is pretty solid as well.

Chaos Chronicles has no release date scheduled yet, but gamers can expect this RPG sometime in 2013. Steam has already approved this game, which will run on the PC Windows platform only. This is a game to keep an eye on for 2013, especially for fans of the classic RPGs of old. Stay up to date on the progress of Chaos Chronicles by following the blog at

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  1. gronksfist

    i have been waiting for this for so long. its the only style of gameplay i really enjoy. party creation, turn based hex battles, good graffics/sound. what more could an old school DnD geek ask for. hopefully more companies follow suit and we see a few more rpgs made the way they were meant to be. As Close to the table top games all us old schoolers grew up on. without traditional DnD there would be no rpgs. Id like to thank coreplay for finally recognizing the dying genre and performing some cpr on it. All these new and there mmo style play are just huge social networks with adequate graphics,ok sound and alot of lonely people locked into an infinite txt msg. IN short they suck!!!!! i dont buy rpgs to make freinds, i have friends, real ones that i actually see on a daily basis. I buy an rpg i want to be able to sit down and immerse myself in a fantasy realm where time slides by my character grows in power and the game actually has a story line with an end. Yes i hate mmo’s!!!! THANKS COREPLAY> I am WAiting


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