Dofus 2.9

Kwismas has come to World of Twelve with the Dofus 2.9 update that brings a new achievement system, more character personalization, new equipment, titles, maturing resources, the seasonal opening of Kwismas Island, and a new mini-game—the Krosmaster Arena.

With the new update, players will notice the immediate addition of Achievements, a new system that helps players track how much of the game they’ve experienced and help them take on new challenges. The Achievement System was put into play to give more options for characters of all levels, to provide an alternate means of measuring progress, and to reward players who take risks and seek out content instead of grinding away at easy tasks. The Achievement System also provides additional experience point rewards for those who work through the goals, and many of these goals happen as new characters naturally level up and explore new areas. Thus, new players in Dofus will find leveling a little easier than it used be.

Kwismas snow never melts on the island of Frigost, and version 2.9 brings in plenty of gifts for elite-level characters in the form of 24 new items of level 190 or higher. 21 of these are broken down into seven different three-set items. The sets are designed to give high level characters more flexibility with their equipment choices.

Lumberjacks looking to cut down the right tree for Kwismas might notice a star hanging above their resources, but these are no holidays stars. Nor are the stars limited to trees; all resources will now have the same bonus meter groups of monsters do. The longer a resource has remained unharvested, the more bonus material can be gathered. Version 2.9 wants to encourage harvesters to move around instead of camping resource maps, and maturing resources will reward players who seek out the less commonly harvested areas. Farmers will also want to note that cereal respawn time has changed from 2.5 minutes to 5 minutes.

Characters wanting to look their finest for a Kwismas party will find plenty of new options for customization. New faces, hairstyles, and hair colors will be available during character creation. Existing characters who want to take advantage of the changes will need to spend a few Ogrines to do so. Version 2.9 also brings in a new titles system, giving players the options to display titles based on achievements.

Ankama, parent company for both Dofus and Wakfu, has introduced a new mini-game, Krosmaster Arena, into both MMOs. The game is a mini 4 vs 4 tactical battle, with players using figurines they find, trade, collect, and evolve. The game is identical in both Dofus and Wakfu and launches without players having to leave their current MMO client. Players familiar with Dofus Arena may see some similarities, but Krosmaster Arena is its own new and unique game.

For many Dofus players, the highlight of version 2.9 will be the opening of the seasonal Kwismas Island, complete with dungeons, quests, and plenty of holiday cheer. Find chocolate kamas, giftwrap presents, or spend days on a epic quest to chase down a special petsmount: the Slayhound.

Dofus is a MMORPG with 25 million players worldwide. The game offers 14 classes, 22 professions, optional pvp, and has a unique turn-based strategic combat system. More information can be found at

Wakfu is a MMORPG set 1,000 years after the Age of Dofus. The world has been destroyed, and it is up to players to rebuild everything. The game features a unique government system where players vote for rulers who set actual game policy, and an ecosystem where the simple act of catching a fish or planting a seed can impact an entire area. More information can be found at

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