“I guess when I was a 14 year old girl I looked a lot like a boy,” recalls Lindsay Elyse as she discusses her first cosplay experience back in 2005. Her mother had found a flier for a convention called AniZona, and Elyse dressed as Edward Elric from Fullmetal Alchemist as part of the costume contest.

Lindsay Elyse is all grown up now, and this member of cosplay group XX Girls would now never be mistaken for a boy. The now 21-year-old from Scottsdale, Arizona spends many of her free weekends traveling around to various conventions dressed as her favorite video game or comic book characters. She has been to numerous conventions over the last few years, but says Stan Lee’s Comikaze Expo, where she dressed as Black Canary from the DC Universe, has been her favorite.

Last year, at Saboten-Con, Elyse met up with Paris Sinclair and other members of the XX Girls, and by the end of a weekend Elyse describes as “insane,” the famous group of cosplayers had invited her to join.

“It really irritates me when people doubt me.”

Elyse makes all her costumes herself, a fact she wishes all her fans knew. “It really irritates me when people doubt me—don’t believe I do what I do, made what I made,” she says. Not only does she make her costumes, she does her own designing for character-inspired costumes, such as her Lilith from Borderlands 2 or the stunning Connor from Assassin’s Creed III. While her designs and costumes almost always turn out with near perfection, she has had some malfunctions. “I made a Night Elf Hunter costume for Phoenix Comicon one year… but it fell apart in like 2 hours. Like literally pieces were falling off onto the floor.” Elyse is quick to point out that she loves all of her costumes, even ones that end up disintegrating.

When she’s not cosplaying or designing her next stunning outfit, one of Elyse’s favorite things to do is play video games. Recently, she’s been playing a lot of Vindictus, and you can find her personal review of the game on her fan page. This year she loved Assassin’s Creed III and Mass Effect 3, and she just picked up a copy of The Walking Dead to see why this horror game beat out two of her favorites for Game of the Year at the 2012 VGAs.

“Please, though, for the love of God, no more Jar Jar.”

As a true geek at heart and a Star Wars fan, Elyse is excited about the recent acquisition of Lucasfilm by Disney and the prospects of an Episode VII. She has been pleased with how Disney has been faithful to other movies within the realm of games, comics, and things geeky. “If any company were to buy Lucasfilms, I’m glad it was Disney… They did an amazing job with the Avengers.” She then adds one plea for the new owners of the Star Wars franchise: “Please, though, for the love of God, no more Jar Jar.”

There is more to Lindsay Elyse than comics, costumes, and video games. This past Friday, she finished up her associate degree and will be heading off to Arizona State University next year to pursue a bachelors in journalism. She’s already a writer for the magazine, Cosplay Shinkou, and she would like to keep writing for gaming and entertainment media. She dreams of one day hosting G4TV, and is confident that she is on track to make that happen.

Elyse got her start as a writer in junior high when she stumbled upon a roleplaying forum for Kingdom Hearts, one of her favorite video games. She recalls writing for several hours each day, and found encouragement from the feedback of others. “People seem to like my writing, so I figured I’d pursue it.” As a writer, Elyse has been influenced by the works of Ayn Rand, her personal favorite author. She highly recommends The Fountainhead and Atlas Shrugged, and advises, “and don’t be scared that they are like 1,500 pages long. Worth it!”

Elyse just started a Facebook fan page last week, something she had been putting off for a while. However, with her degree now completed, she has some exciting things planned for 2013, and her new site will keep her fans informed of her activities. She’s kept quiet about her big plans so far, but she’ll give out more details on her site as events get closer.

“I’m just a person. I don’t need a page for people to tell me how great I am.”

Despite the fact that she’s talented, intelligent, and gorgeous, Elyse stays fairly humble. When asked why she waited so long to start an official fan page, she replied, “I always thought it was such a weird idea. I’m just a person. I don’t need a page for people to tell me how great I am.” At the end of the day, Lindsay Elyse would still love her games and costumes even if she wasn’t getting attention. “I play games. I cosplay. I like the things I like regardless of everyone’s opinions.”

Look for more wonderful things to come from this talented young woman, see more of her photos, get her reviews, and follow her adventures on her Facebook fan page.

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