What started as a graphical redesign to A Valley Without Wind (after some fans claimed the old graphics made their eyes bleed) has turned into a full sequel to the groundbreaking platformer.

The playable beta of A Valley Without Wind 2 was planned for next week, but has been pushed back an additional two weeks.

So, we won’t be playing the sequel for a few more weeks, but that’s also a good thing. “The first game was so loosely tied together, such a big collection of semi-related things, that you could easily add and remove stuff without affecting the core experience all that much,” stated the developers on their website. “With the sequel, there’s not really anything I can think of that’s in the game and notdirected towards the core experience.”

A Valley Without Wind 2 will be free for anyone who bought the first game. Such a kind gesture is a rarity that you’ll only find among the kind community of indie developers (imagine if George Lucas was like “well, since so many people were disappointed with Star Wars Episode 1, we’ve decided to give away Episode 2 for free”).

After the release, you’ll also get both games if you buy either. The developers explain their position as the “fairest to existing customers,” since “we don’t think anyone will be much inclined to buy the first game after they see the second.”

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