TechZwn’s most anticipated game for December 2012: Primordia

[box_dark]Guardians of Middle-Earth PS3 Warner Bros. Dec 4, 2012[/box_dark]

[box_light]FORGE PC (online) Dark Vale Games Dec 4, 2012[/box_light]

[box_dark]RunSanity iOS (online) Heliceum Dec 4, 2012[/box_dark]

[box_light]Critter Chronicles PC Nordic Games Dec 5, 2012[/box_light]

[box_dark]Guardians of Middle-Earth X360 Warner Bros. Dec 5, 2012[/box_dark]

[box_light]Grand Theft Auto: Vice City An, iOS (online) Rockstar Dec 5, 2012[/box_light]

[box_dark]Primordia PC Wadjet Eye Games Dec 5, 2012[/box_dark]

[box_light]Mass Effect Trilogy PS3 EA Dec 6, 2012[/box_light]

[box_dark]Shadow of the Game PC (online) DeRail Games Dec 6, 2012[/box_dark]

[box_light]Time of Fury PC (online) Matrix Games Dec 6, 2012[/box_light]

[box_dark]Kylie Sing & Dance Wii Koch Dec 7, 2012[/box_dark]

[box_light]Agricultural Simulator 2013 PC UIG Entertainment Dec 7, 2012[/box_light]

[box_dark]Air Conflicts: Pacific Carriers PC, PS3, Xbox 360 (online) bitComposer Dec 7, 2012[/box_dark]

[box_light]Giga Jump Mob (online) Inlogic Dec 9, 2012[/box_light]

[box_dark]Haunted PC (online) Viva Media Dec 11, 2012[/box_dark]

[box_light]Darkfall: Unholy Wars PC (online) Aventurine Dec 12, 2012[/box_light]

[box_dark]Sinister City: Vampire Adventure iOS G5 Entertainment Dec 20, 2012[/box_dark]

[box_light]Fluxx Mob (online) Playdek Christmas 2012[/box_light]

[box_dark]Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon 3DS Nintendo Christmas 2012[/box_dark]

[box_light]Scribblenauts Unlimited 3DS Warner Bros. Christmas 2012[/box_light]

[box_dark]Untitled Shooter Project iOS (online) Visual Odyssey Christmas 2012[/box_dark]

[box_light]Thundercats DS Namco Bandai Dec 30, 2012[/box_light]

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