Pendulo Studios, maker of Runway and The Next Big Thing, along with Focus Home Interactive, bring us their latest. Yesterday delivers a thrilling mystery horror that will keep you on edge to the bloody bitter end.


Yesterday starts off with Henry White, champion for the homeless as he ventures into the depths of Cadway station. Discovering various items as you delve deeper into the ominous darkness, you quickly realize you just might need them all to make it out of there alive.

This inventory-based point-and-click puzzler leads you on a dark, gritty journey.

The game does not suffer, like so many that have come before, from the dreaded illogical puzzle. You don’t have to sit there scratching your head trying to figure out how to make a cat hair mustache or melt any peanuts. Puzzles are relatively straightforward and most are quite clever.

A hint system, as well as a hot spot indicator, let you know what and where you can interact. I did use both systems, but admit shamefully it was out of impatience rather than need. I found myself pushing onward in anticipation to discover more of the story.

An auto save feature is in place so there is no halt in the story progression. There really isn’t any reason to save, as the game follows a direct path and offers no dead ends.

Yesterday flowed and gave more of a sense of enjoying an interactive movie. The puzzles were not the hardest, but hard enough that you didn’t have to tab+alt out to hunt down a  walkthrough.


We begin with Henry, a kindhearted member of the “Children of Don Quixote,” as he scours this decrepit condemned subway station in search of homeless in need of help. There have been a recent rash of murders. Homeless are being stalked and burned to death by a serial killer.

By the end of the first scene you realize, quite pleasantly, that this isn’t your drab, overdone adventure story. Although there is an amnesic (seems to be an epidemic in adventure game land) the story more than makes up for that pratfall.

I found myself actually saying “Wow!” at the end of the first chapter, half confused by the horror-stained events and half delighted by the surprise of originality.

The game quickly transitions as you take control of John Yesterday, protagonist and investigator, who wakes after a suspected suicide attempt. Void of all memory, he is left to discover his past with his only clues being a “Y” carved in his palm and a flood of broken flashbacks. You quickly find this journey will take you around the globe and throughout time in a flash of terror leaving you to wonder who is friend or foe.

The game’s strength is in its storytelling, so I won’t give any more away. I will say there are different endings available, not all happy, but all gratifying on different levels.

Graphics & Sound

The characters have a menacing cartoony horror about them. It reminded me of a reading a comic book as the scenes move frame to frame. The art style is clean and fun, with some scenes rather enchanting.

Voice actors were agreeable, although a French accent would have been more appropriate for John’s love interest, Pauline.

 Bottom line

Rated R, Yesterday offers a little torture, kidnapping, sex, satanism, and violence. Oh my. Throw a few f-bombs in there to spice things up and the game delivers a nice adult adventure that’s highly enjoyable.

My biggest issue is the game is too short. With a price tag of $29.99 you get only about 4 hours of gameplay, which seems a bit steep. But if you are jonesing for a point-and-click fix, this will satisfy (at least for a little while).

Best Pendulo game so far.


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