There are more platformers coming out than I can keep track of, but among the masses there are a small few that are doing something so unique or just downright fun looking that they deserve some attention.

Among these is Plazma Being. I almost overlooked the game. The graphics are nothing to gawk at, and I’ve seen enough glowing spite platformers in recent memory that I’m a bit turned off by the concept. But take a look at the gameplay video and you’ll see there’s more to this Plazma Being known as Zeb.

As Zeb the Plazma Being was traveling through space to the corner of the galaxy he calls home, he was kidnapped by aliens. Yet the alien planet suffered a catastrophic event that gave the little glowing guy a chance to escape—and escape you will using Zeb’s various powers that let him move telekinetically move objects, freeze objects in mid-air, and grapple.

Plazma Being is being developed by Ireland-based indie developer Felix Wunderlich.

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