The first official tournament for Wargame European Escalation starts today, and there are some great prizes lined up to coax people to play (and win).

The tournament is hosted by Intel and Steam, and so some of the prizes are around Intel and Steam products. Everyone who makes it past the first match will get a game through Steam and be automatically entered into a drawing for an Ultrabook inspired by Intel (they value the notebook at $1,500, so it should be pretty good).

There will be similar prize drawings at each round, and the longer you survive the more likely you will be to win some of these drawings. There is $5,000 on the table, 4 Ultrabooks, and a bunch of other stuff including Wargame AirLand Battle VIP Beta access.

Registrations are open to everyone, and it’s free to sign up. The doors close on Nov. 15, so if you want in, go now.

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  1. mike

    The set-up and organization of this tournament was crap. It relied on message boards and users to set-up their own games. That’s stupid and works like crap! Games like this should be taken more seriously – who are the pros? How do you play them? We need to develop a way to discover who truly is the best. I don’t see how that’s beyond them to set-up in a more autamated and accountable way.


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