You know that zombie game that looks almost just like Day Z, with just about the same character models, the same mechanics, and the same persistent world survival concept—and that we’ll probably buy anyway because it looks cool? Well, they’re releasing their playable Alpha on Oct. 15, with the Beta set for release on Oct. 31.

The developers are releasing the game in three separate packages, Survivor, Pioneer, and Legend. Survivor ($19.49) gets you the Beta access on Oct. 31. Pioneer ($29.99) gets you Alpha access on Oct. 15 with $15 in-game currency and one month of Stronghold server hosting. Legend ($49.99) also gets you the Oct. 15 Alpha, but with $30 in-game currency and six months of the Stronghold map server hosting.

The War Z is coming at us from OP Productions LLC and Hammerpoint Interactive. They’re calling the game “the world’s first survival mmo Zombie Game,” with the slogan, “You may have played Zombie Games before—not it’s time to live one.”

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